TitlePrimary ShowSecondary ShowCdsCatalog #Matrix OrderPackaging
Flying Circus2/12/753ELG20108/9/10ELG20108/9/10jewel case with insert
Orlando Magic8/31/19712ZP033-29A/BZEP-29A/Bjewel case, no insert
Bringing the House Down5/26/19773EGL20111/12/13EGL - 20011/12/13jewel case with insert
Chasing the Dragon3/4/19753EGL20114/15/16EGL - 20014/15/16jewel case with insert
Conspiracy Theory3/14/19753EGL20117/18/19EGL - 20017/18/19jewel case with insert
St. Louis Blues2/16/19753EGL200120/21/22EGL 20120/21/22jewel case with insert
Dragon Snake5/21/19773EGL-20123/24/25EGL-20123/24/25jewel case with insert
Interlude Prior to the Crunge3/19/19753EGL20126/27/28EGL 20126/27/28jewel case with insert
Live At Whisky A Go-Go!!1/5/19691EGL-20129EGL - 20129jewel case, no insert
Days Confused3/5/19753EGL-20130/31/32EGL-20130/31/32jewel case with insert
Dragon Slayers5/28/19773EGL-20215/16/17EGL 20216-1/2/3jewel case, no insert
Lost Sessions Vol.9Headley Grange1EGL20218EGL 20218jewel case, no insert
Destroyer4/27/19773EGL20226/27/28EGL 20226/27/28jewel case, no insert
At Nassau Coliseum2/14/19753EGL20229/30/31EGL-20229/30/31jewel case, no insert
Long Beach Californication3/11/19753EGL20232/33/34EGL-20232/33/34jewel case with insert
Rampaging Cajun2/28/19753EGL20235/36/37EGL-20235/36/37jewel case with insert
Magical Sound Boogie6/7/19773EGL-20238/39/40EGL-20238/39/40jewel case with insert
Haven't We Met Somewhere Before?3/17/19753EGL-20241/42/43EGL - 20241/42/43jewel case with insert
Snowblind3/20/19753EGL-20244/45/46EGL-20244/45/46jewel case with insert
Double Shot 15/25/19773EGL20247/48/49EGL 20247/48/49jewel case, no insert
Double Shot 25/30/19773EGL20250/51/52EGL 20250/51/52jewel case, no insert
King's of the Stone Age2/13/19753EGL20253/54/55EGL-20253/54/55jewel case, no insert
Texas Hurricane5/22/19773EGL20256/57/58EGL20256/57/58jewel case, no insert
Rock Super Stars3/3/19753EGL20259/60/61EGL20259/60/61jewel case, no insert
Hellfire Club2/10/19753EGL20262/63/64EGL20262/63/64jewel case, no insert
Deus Ex Machina3/21/19754EGL20265/66/67/68EGL20265/66/67/68jewel case with insert
Last Adieu5/26/19776/11&23/19772EGL20270/271EGL-270/271 Disc-1/2jewel case with insert
How the East Was Won9/29/19719/28/19712EGL20272/273EGL-20272/73 Disc-1/2jewel case with insert
Please Please Me Complete 9289/28/1971various6EGL20274/5/6/7/8/9EGL-20274/5/6/7/8/9jewel case with insert
All is Safe For Rock and Roll3/24/19751/18/1975 & studio4EGL20280/81/82/83EGL-20280/81/82/83jewel case with insert

This label debuted it's first Led Zeppelin titles in 2003. The first seven titles are straight audio knock-offs of Empress Valley titles bearing the same names. Their packaging and prices are kept simple.
(Orlando Magic's only hints to being related to Eelgrass is a backwards "e g" printed on the discs and the fact that it's a straight knock-off of EV.)
Eelgrass's Whisky is the first knock-off that's not a soundboard. Destroyer is the first title copied from a label different from EV.
Sadly, Eelgrass now places cuts at each track change on all titles, beginning with How the West Was Won. For 15 years they provided an affordable alternative to EV, in a simple jewel case.