- Eelgrass


Title Primary Show Cds Catalog # Matrix Order Packaging EVKO*
Flying Circus 2/12/75 3 ELG20108/9/10 ELG20108/9/10 jewel case with insert Flying Circus
Orlando Magic 8/31/1971 2 ZP033-29A/B ZEP-29A/B jewel case, no insert Florida Sunshine / Orlando Magic
Bringing the House Down 5/26/1977 3 EGL20111/12/13 EGL - 20011/12/13 jewel case with insert Bringing the House Down
Chasing the Dragon 3/4/1975 3 EGL20114/15/16 EGL - 20014/15/16 jewel case with insert Chasing the Dragon
Conspiracy Theory 3/14/1975 3 EGL20117/18/19 EGL - 20017/18/19 jewel case with insert Conspiracy Theory
St. Louis Blues 2/16/1975 3 EGL200120/21/22 EGL 20120/21/22 jewel case with insert St. Louis Blues
Dragon Snake 5/21/1977 3 EGL-20123/24/25 EGL-20123/24/25 jewel case with insert Dragon Snake
Interlude Prior to the Crunge 3/19/1975 3 EGL20126/27/28 EGL 20126/27/28 jewel case with insert Snow Jobs
Live At Whisky A Go-Go!! 1/5/1969 1 EGL-20129 EGL - 20129 jewel case, no insert Live At Whisky A Go-Go!!
Days Confused 3/5/1975 3 EGL-20130/31/32 EGL-20130/31/32 jewel case with insert Days Confused
Dragon Slayers 5/28/1977 3 EGL-20215/16/17 EGL 20216-1/2/3 jewel case, no insert Powhatan Confederacy
Lost Sessions Vol.9 Headley Grange 1 EGL20218 EGL 20218 jewel case, no insert Lost Sessions Vol.9
Destroyer 4/27/1977 3 EGL20226/27/28 EGL 20226/27/28 jewel case, no insert (not copied from EV)
At Nassau Coliseum 2/14/1975 3 EGL20229/30/31 EGL-20229/30/31 jewel case, no insert St. Valentine's Day Massacre
Long Beach Californication 3/11/1975 3 EGL20232/33/34 EGL-20232/33/34 jewel case with insert Long Beach Californication
Rampaging Cajun 2/28/1975 3 EGL20235/36/37 EGL-20235/36/37 jewel case with insert Rampaging Cajun
Magical Sound Boogie 6/7/1977 3 EGL-20238/39/40 EGL-20238/39/40 jewel case with insert Magical Sound Boogie
Haven't We Met Somewhere Before? 3/17/1975 3 EGL-20241/42/43 EGL - 20241/42/43 jewel case with insert Haven't We Met Somewhere Before?
Snowblind 3/20/1975 3 EGL-20244/45/46 EGL-20244/45/46 jewel case with insert Snowblind
Double Shot 1 5/25/1977 3 EGL20247/48/49 EGL 20247/48/49 jewel case, no insert Double Shot
Double Shot 2 5/30/1977 3 EGL20250/51/52 EGL 20250/51/52 jewel case, no insert Double Shot
King's of the Stone Age 2/13/1975 3 EGL20253/54/55 EGL-20253/54/55 jewel case, no insert King's of the Stone Age
Texas Hurricane 5/22/1977 3 EGL20256/57/58 EGL20256/57/58 jewel case, no insert Texas Hurricane
Rock Super Stars 3/3/1975 3 EGL20259/60/61 EGL20259/60/61 jewel case, no insert Rock Super Stars
Hellfire Club 2/10/1975 3 EGL20262/63/64 EGL20262/63/64 jewel case, no insert Hellfire Club

This label debuted it's first Led Zeppelin titles in 2003. The first seven titles are straight audio knock-offs of Empress Valley titles bearing the same names. Their packaging and prices are kept simple.
(Orlando Magic's only hints to being related to Eelgrass is a backwards "e g" printed on the discs and the fact that it's a straight knock-off of EV.)
Eelgrass's Whisky is the first knock-off that's not a soundboard. Destroyer is the first title copied from a label different from EV.

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