- Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll

Title Primary Show Cds Catalog # Matrix Order Notes
New Faces (The) 2/13/1975 3 JR 01/02/03 JR001/2/3 1 source
Best Vibes In Frisco 6/2/1973 2 JR 04/05 JR004/5  
Listen To This, Eddie 6/21/1977 3 JR 06/07/08 JR06/7/8 1 source
Milwaukee 1970 8/31/1970 1 JR 09 JR09  
Sakura, Looking Up! 10/5/1972 2 JR 10/11 JR10/11  
Final Night In the Forum 1975 3/27/1975 3 JR 12/13/14 JR12/13/14  
Cracker Jack Blues 4/24/1969 1 JR 15 JR15  
Physical Express 5/23/1975 4 JR 16/17/18/19 JR16/17/18/19  
(Never Issued) XX/XX/XXXX X   JR20/21/22/23  
Listen To This, Eddie:  Definitive Complete Version 6/21/1977 3 JR 24/25/26 JR24/25/26 2 source mix
Simplistic Atmosphere 4/27/1969 2 JR 27/28 JR27/28 sb
Knebworth Festival 1979 8/11/1979 3 JR 32/33/34 JR-32/33/34 sb+aud

Jelly Roll is a high quality Japanese label, issuing 1000 copies per title. They are offered only in jewel cases and occasionally use gold cds. The tapes used for cd mastering are of the highest quality. Their artwork utilizes photos from the show when available but if not they use photos from the same tour. The artwork is not double-sided but is always printed on a heavier cardstock with a high gloss finish.
After almost three full years of inactivity, Knebworth was released in May 2002. Is it truly a Jelly Roll release or is the name simply being abused like on the new Tarantura? The same shit found on this Knebworth title already debuted on the Tarantura2000's Knebworth "soundboard." Jelly Roll had a spotless record before the release of Knebworth.

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