- Red Devil

Red Devil

Title Primary Show Secondary Show Cds Catalog # Matrix Order Released
Stroke In Stoke 1/15/1973 7/13/1973 2 (LZ011573-1/2) LZ011573-1/2 2001
Robert's Last Stand 8/11/1979   3 LZ110879A/B LZ 110879A/B 2001
Madison Square Graffiti 2/12/1975   3 RD015-1/2/3 RD15-1/2/3 2003
Earl's Court Incident 5/24/1975   3 RD026-1/2/3 RD 26-1/2/3 2003
Earl's Court Incident 5/25/1975   3 RD027-1/2/3 RD 27-1/2/3 2003

Not a Japanese label. The first two titles have no mention of label credit other than the familiar "P&C." They have the same artwork theme and the cds are completely professionally labeled. The third through fifth titles credit Red Devil as the manufacturer. "P&C" is not mentioned. They share the same artwork theme as the first two titles.
Madison Square Graffiti is the only title worth mentioning. The other titles have changed the song sequence.

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