- Swingin' Pig

Swingin' Pig

Title Primary Show Cds Catalog #
White Summer 6/27/1969 1 TSP-CD-019
Riverside Blues var1969 1 TSP-CD-024
Trampled Underfoot 3/4/1975 2 TSP-CD-044-2
Destroyer 4/27/1977 2 TSP-CD-059-2
Brussels Affair 6/20/1980 2 TSP-CD-073-2
Live In Rotterdam 6/21/1980 1 TSP-CD-096

Swingin' Pig was a European label, issuing 1000 copies per title. All discs were professionally labeled. Labeling included the band name, full track list, and label name. They were offered only in jewel cases.

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