- Tattytura


Title Primary Show Secondary Show Cds Catalog # Matrix Order Notes Released
Fucking T.Y. 4/3/1977 6/3/1977 3 TAK 001/2/3 TROPICAL HEAT 1/2/3-3 3rd cd has press flaw 1995
Days of Heaven 1/14/1973   2 (none) KAMIKAZEVOL1/2   1996

This short lived label began with the objective to provide Tarantura audio at an affordable price, attitude included. It was originally suspected that they just simply copied the Tarantura releases: "The Fuckin' P.A. System" and "The Fabulous Four." As it turns out, they did not.
While "Days of Heaven" is almost identical, the speed is very different from Tarantura. "Fucking T.Y." was sourced from a much different version tape than used by Tarantura.

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