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Scorpio's Studio Sessions Ultimate, 12cd

This box was released in May 2007. It contains everything on Antrabata, Brutal Artistry, Brutal Artistry II, and Empress Valley's Lost Mixes EP Vol.1. Antrabata and the Brutal titles were all three released in 1997, and Empress Valley in 2001. Scorpio doesn't include any of the new material released during the six years prior to it's release. Going back even further, they also excluded the extra 36 minutes of Battle of Evermore outtakes that's only found on TDOLZ's Sessions title from 1997.

There is some minor material making it's debut. The first disc's track 13 has an extra half minute in the end over prior releases. Disc ten's tracks 7-14 provide an extra 17 minutes of studio room floor edit pieces for Ten Years Gone and Boogie With Stu.

Scorpio's material was closely sequenced chronologically. They were careful to not miss the few bits of tape before/after tracks that have commonly been missed by others. The tapes are excellent quality, with the only exception being some static halfway through Stairway on the final disc.

Luis Rey's 1997 book "Led Zeppelin Live" was closely followed while assembling notes - his page numbers are referenced on each disc's page.
The first two columns are the track number and the sub-track letter, if applicable. The track times are approximate, either counting actual audio or stated disc time. This information is just to help myself and others account for the vast amount of material.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, & 12