CD Comparisons 1968

Alpha & Omega: Sounds of the Underground (Magic Bus), Gonzaga 1968 (no label - matrix is same as title), Gonzaga '68 (Capricorn), Gonzaga University 1968 (no label), Lifetime Guarantee (Empress Valley), Lifetime Guarantee Revisited (Empress Valley), Live At Gonzaga University 1968 (Wendy), & Yardbirds Fame (Tarantura2000)

Capricorn is missing the beginning 5 seconds of tape, missing another 5 seconds between Dazed and White Summer, and is also missing the last 32 seconds of Pat's Delight.
The no label title "Gonzaga 1968" is missing the first second of tape, another second from the beginning of White Summer, and is missing the last couple of seconds of Pat's Delight. The tape runs a bit slow. Most of the time it does sound better than Capricorn.
Empress Valley's title is more complete and is better sounding. It's music is noticeably louder and lacks the noisy hiss found in the background of the other titles. Some of the sound difference is surely due to equalization. It's certainly from a lower gen tape and claims to be from the master tape.
Empress Valley's re-release, "Revisited," is a slightly amplified version of their initial release.
Tarantura2000's "Yardbirds Fame" is lacking the same content of the ten year old Capricorn title.
Magic Bus's title starts out sounding poorer than the other titles but clears up after several seconds at a cut or splice. The sound again goes poor after Dazed briefly before it's cut three seconds too short. The sound goes poor for the last time, and for the longest time, several seconds after the cut in White Summer. The last five seconds of Pat's are missed, and also fades out.
Wendy's title is nowhere near complete, missing just as much tape as the twenty year old releases.
The no label title "Gonzaga University 1968," released in 2017, is nowhere near complete, missing just as much tape as the twenty year old releases. It was released at the same time as Wendy.
Tarantura2000's "It Might Get Loud" is an improvement over their original title, but still misses too much tape. The beginning half second of Train is missed, there's a micro cut/repeat during As Long, five seconds of tape is missing after Dazed, and the last two and half seconds are missing from Pat's. The sound has been amplified and the background sound is disproportionately louder, perhaps from a higher generation of tape than other recent releases.