Songs From the Studio Vaults

These 12 titles were the quickest way to get all known studio outtake material with minimal redundancies before Godfather released some new material. They are listed in order of their release:

TDOLZ's "Sessions," 2cd
Empress Valley's "Lost Sessions Vol.4," 2cd
Akashic's "Smithereens," 3cd
Empress Valley's "Lost Mixes EP Vol,7," 1cd
Empress Valley's "Lost Sessions Vol.8," 1cd
Scorpio's "Studio Sessions Ultimate," 12cd
Empress Valley's "Lost Sessions Vol.9," 1cd
Scorpio's "Atrocity Exhibition," 4cd
Wendy's "Royal Albert Hall 1970," 2cd
Empress Valley's "Making of Led Zeppelin II," 4cd
Empress Valley's "LZII Multi Track Mixdowns," 1cd
Boogie Mama's "Alts & Takes Volume One," 1cd

Adding these makes 15 titles:

Godfather's "Studio Magik," 18cd
Empress Valley's "Led Zeppelin II Classic Records 45rpm Treasured Version," 1cd
Empress Valley's "Mick Boy Remaster," 1cd
Empress Valley's "Mono Singles," 1cd

Godfather's title was incomplete at the time of it's release. To use the Godfather box in place of Scorpio's box, eight of the older titles mentioned above it will still be needed, plus another title containing the Southampton material, and any title listed after the Godfather box and before this sentence.

Subsequent Alternative to Scorpio's 4cd Atrocity Exhibition:

Brigand's "Tribute To Johnny Kidd and the Pirates," 1cd

Subsequent PARTIAL Alternative to Godfather's 18cd Studio Magik:

Empress Valley's "Evolution is Timing 2," 15cd

Notes on why each title is needed:

TDOLZ's Sessions presents 36 minutes of undocumented Battle of Evermore material.
Empress Valley's Lost Sessions Vol.4 debuts drum tracks from In Through the Out Door's rehearsals.
Akashic's Smithereens includes an outtake of The Song Remains the Same (cd3, track4). It also includes all of the new material released on EV3, making it fully redundant. (EV3 included a more complete version of the new track released on "All That Glitters is Gold," making it fully redundant.)
Empress Valley's Lost Mixes Vol,7 provides 2 mixes prepared by Jimmy while producing Coda.
Empress Valley's Lost Sessions Vol.8's only contribution is Poor Tom. It's ending is a few seconds longer, but is most likely explained as a mixing error. The other material on the title can be found on other titles, including Coda.
Scorpio's 12cd title debuts almost 18 minutes of new tape. It also fully displaces the following four titles:
Antrabata's "Studio Sessions," 11cd
Midas Touch's "Brutal Artistry," 3cd
Midas Touch's "Brutal Artistry II," 2cd
Empress Valley's "Lost Mixes EP Vol.1," 1cd
Empress Valley's Lost Sessions Vol.9 debuts a Stairway To Heaven outtake.
Scorpio's Atrocity Exhibition (fourth disc) introduces another 13 seconds of The Rover and 3:12 of the drumming and organ segment that follows Surrender.
Wendy's "Royal Albert Hall 1970" contains 4 tracks from the LZII sessions.
Empress Valley's Making of Led Zeppelin II releases various instrumental and vocal separations for four songs
Empress Valley's Led Zeppelin II Multi Track Mixdowns mostly provides fully mixed versions of the four songs that are different from the album versions.
Boogie Mama's Alts & Takes Volume One offers full mixes of the four songs from LZII, with and without vocals. Each of the eight tracks are different from all other versions.
Godfather's box releases some new material on cds 1-5, 9, 11, & 13.
Empress Valley's LZII Classic Records 45rpm debuts Heartbreaker guitar takes.
Brigand's Tribute To Johnny Kidd and the Pirates is a 1cd alternative to the 4cd Scorpio Atrocity Exhibition. And, since it also includes the Southampton material, it is basically a direct replacement for Scorpio's incomplete cd6 of Studio Sessions Ultimate.
Empress Valley's "Mick Boy Remaster" offers a different track for Boogie With Stu.
Empress Valley's "Mono Singles" offers 3 tracks that differ from the official releases.

(Many of the LZII "mixdowns" are highly similar, but are often slightly different from each other from one title to another. It's not widely known if these were all mixed while Led Zeppelin was together, or afterwards. They are all included here for now.)

Luis Rey's 1997 book "Led Zeppelin Live" was closely followed while assembling notes - his page numbers are referenced on each title's page.
The first two columns are the track number and the sub-track letter, if applicable. The track times are approximate, either counting actual audio or stated disc time. This information is just to help myself and others account for the vast amount of material.