CD Comparisons 1972

Adelaide 1972 (no label), Adelaide Revival (Godfatherecords), Deep Downunder (Empress Valley, original & reissue), Oooh My Ears, Man! (TDOLZ), Live In Adelaide (Equinox), Thunder Down Under: Shattering Rock Experience (Empress Valley), Voo Doo Drive (Tarantura), VooDooDrive Ver.2004 (Tarantura2000)

TDOLZ, Tarantura, Tarantura2000, EV's Shattering "#A," and the no label title all share the same cuts/stretches between songs. Tarantura runs a hair slow.
Equinox has removed almost all of the stretches between songs. Due to the editing, about 4 seconds of music have been lost.
Empress Valley's Deep Downunder titles have also removed all the stretches. They also removed the first few seconds of the introduction and inserted micro cut/repeats (Going To California and Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp) where there's never been any tape problems.
Godfather has removed most of the stretches. Whole Lotta Love contains a digital glitch/click.
EV's Shattering version "A" contains all the stretches and cuts without editing while their version "B" has the stretches removed. Version "B" doesn't have the problems found on Deep Downunder.
These titles are very similar in sound.
The no label title is almost identical to Tarantura2000, both having an extra couple of seconds of tape of the introduction.

Acoustically (TDOLZ), Australian Tour 1972 Part 1 (Black Cat), Count Me Out When It's Hot (Cobra), Down Under Daze (IQ), Kooyong Stadium Gets Rocked (Flamingo), Led Zeppelin On Stage Melbourne (Wendy), Let’s Have a Party Kooyong (Magic Pyramid), Melbourne Masters (Immigrant), No Longer Down Under Live In Melbourne 1972 (Graf Zeppelin), Shivers 'N' Shakes (Red Hot), Thunder Downunder: Live In Melbourne (Equinox), Thunder Down Under: So Loud, So Hot (Empress Valley), & Wet Head is Dead (Empress Valley)

The first recording released of this show was on the vinyl LP title "Count Me Out When It's Hot." I've not listened to that title but research seemed to show it was a different source than what was being found on the first few cd releases of the show. It's often referred to as the "LP" source.
Black Cat was the first cd release of the show. Red Hot offered the next unique source to cd. After that, an "alternate" source appeared on the end of Immigrant, TDOLZ, and IQ, only to complete Whole Lotta Love - this is the 3rd source to cd (although it could been possible appearance of vinyl source). Equinox was the next to offer a unique source to cd, the middle section of Heartbreaker (later revealed to match EV's #B "vinyl"). The next easily identifiable source to cd was found on EV's Wet Head, typically referred to as source four. The final easily identifiable unique source to cd is on EV's version #B from the Thunder Down Under box, "So Loud, So Hot" - EV says this is the vinyl source.

Sources in release sequence:
LP vinyl
Black Cat
Red Hot
The "alternate" for Whole Lotta Love that appeared around the same time on Immigrant, TDOLZ, and IQ (right or wrong, it was often assumed to be the vinyl source)
Equinox's middle section of Heartbreaker (later revealed to match EV's #B "vinyl")*
EV's Wet Head's primary tape
EV's #B So Loud So Hot cited as the LP vinyl source (finally on cd)*

Rather than refer to these by their "source number," it's much less confusing to refer to them by the name of the label that debuted them. None of these sources capture the entire show. No title offers all of any one source as they are known to cd. Not enough of the "alternate WLL" source or the "EV vinyl" sources have been included on cd to determine if they're mutually exclusive of each other. Newer parts of the Red Hot source may be appearing in small pieces on titles, but there's not enough audio available on silver discs to verify.

Black Cat was the first release of this show on cd, featuring a single tape source, and is the most common. Flamingo's title is a much less complete version of Black Cat's - more tape is missing at cuts and Whole Lotta Love isn't available. Red Hot's release came the following year, using Black Cat's tape for the first three songs and then the rest were from a new tape source. In addition to missing those first 3 songs, this second source to cd was also lacking Going To California, That's the Way, and Whole Lotta Love.
Immigrant, TDOLZ, and IQ were later issued, using the Black Cat source up until the last part of Whole Lotta Love. From there, they all used an identical alternate tape to finish the medleys. The three titles are virtually identical in respect to cuts. IQ's sound is much quieter since it wasn't amplified like Immigrant and TDOLZ.
Equinox primarily uses the Black Cat tape source. The introduction sounds like it may be from vinyl. The middle section of Heartbreaker is from a source not previously found on cd. It uses the Red Hot source from just after Black Dog through the end of Stairway To Heaven. It uses it again for Tangerine, the end of Dazed and on through just before the start of Rock and Roll. Equinox's Whole Lotta Love is complete. It starts the song with yet another source not previously found on cd, followed by five minutes of the Black Cat source, and is finished by the usual familiar "alternate WLL" source used by Immigrant, TDOLZ, and IQ. The "new" tape in the middle of Heartbreaker has been revealed to match EV's #B "vinyl" source. Equinox's tape at the beginning of WLL could be more of the Red Hot source (not found on the Red Hot title) or is another source entirely. On that same note, the alternate tape to finish WLL could be Red Hot, or not...
Equinox's common source (Black Cat) sounds a little better here than on the older releases. The difference is likely due to equalization. The usual source used to complete Whole Lotta Love is much, much better than what can be heard on the other titles.
Cobra's title is a three source mix, with the Black Cat source as it's foundation, the "alternate WLL" tape next, and then the Red Hot source being used in three places between songs. For the first time on cd, an extra 2 minutes of the Black Cat tape are found on this title. Unfortunately, it's missing a dozen seconds of the Black Cat tape too. The tape doesn't seem to be amplified at all. The last few minutes of Whole Lotta Love are from the "alternate WLL" tape.
Empress Valley's Wet Head is a thorough mixture of four or more tapes. The primary tape used is a new source. There are a few brief instances where unrecognized tape is spliced in. These could be from another new source or a previously unreleased portion (to cd) of a familiar tape. With no fewer than 24 source changes, it is difficult to know which tape is on without referring to your own notes. The overall sound is fine but hearing the tape constantly changing distracts from it's purpose.
Wendy's title is also a thorough mix of four or more tapes. It's basis is the Black Cat source, then relies on the Red Hot tape, and then the other sources. The 29+ tape changes are annoying.

*Putting faith into EV's liner notes for "So Loud, So Hot - version #B," we're to understand the primary tape source there is the very first source and was used for the vinyl release decades ago. In fact, the primary tape used here is almost entirely new to cd. Most of the tape until WLL begins is from this vinyl source. Along the way, gaps between tracks are filled by Wet Head (once during the intro), Black Cat, and Red Hot. The choice Empress Valley made for Whole Lotta Love doesn't make any sense. While at no point during WLL is the Black Cat source used, they've cut the song in the same place (near the 10:45 mark) where that tape always ends and manufacturers often switch to the "alternate WLL" tape to complete the song. Before that cut, most of the first 4.5 minutes are the Wet Head source, then is mostly followed by a source that is not Wet Head, Black Cat, or Red Hot. The most logical guess at the source used would be either the vinyl source that's the foundation of this title (or part of the "alternate WLL" source that's never been offered on cd before). Since the liner notes state not all of the vinyl source was used due to damaged spots, they're claiming at the point it becomes unusable is the same exact spot where the Black Cat source ends. What are the odds on that?? Since we know the last five minutes of WLL are available in good condition on the "alternate WLL" tape and they chose not to use the Wet Head source during that part of the song, they're otherwise saying the alternate WLL source isn't the vinyl source. Therefore, what they're really saying is that there are five unique sources (but only mention four in liner notes). There's not enough audio present on this title to determine if the "alternate WLL" source is the same as the vinyl source. They've clearly grabbed the songs in the wrong order and it appears they may have grabbed the wrong file to produce this disc. Hopefully we'll see this odd arrangement/exclusion of tapes for WLL corrected with another replacement disc for this box set.
EV's "Thunder Down Under: So Loud, So Hot - version #A" has its foundation in the Black Cat tape, not the ten year old "newly surfaced" source as it's liner notes claim. The Wet Head source is secondary, with the Red Hot and vinyl sources included too. Rock and Roll has been placed out of sequence and now follows Whole Lotta Love.
Graf Zep's title is a multiple source mix based on the Black Cat tape. It's introduction matches EV's version #A.
Magic Pyramid's title is another heavily spliced multiple source mix that's based on the Black Cat source and finished with EV's Wet Head source for Whole Lotta Love. There's more than two dozen splices, which is much more annoying than the original cuts of the primary tape. Those splices bring in at least two other sources.

2-25-72, sources 1 & 2
Going To Auckland (Tarantura2000 & Akashic, original and 2nd Edition), Led Zeppelin On Stage Auckand (Wendy), Live In New Zealand (Empress Valley, original and reissue), No Longer Down Under Live In Auckland 1972 (Graf Zeppelin), & Thunder Down Under: Biggest Gathering (Empress Valley)

Tarantura2000 presents this show twice, both from the first tape source. The first version is from the "raw master" and the second is a "re-master."
The "master" has a cut and repeat during Whole Lotta Love that obviously isn't possible to be found on the true (any) master. It's probably just an overlooked error. The sound seems to be unadulterated.
The "re-master's" sound has been altered and amplified. Like most of the Tara2000 titles, there's an unnatural sound in the background due to too much tweaking. The quietness between sounds is weird. Other than sound being degenerated, there are three other deviations from the "master." The first is that one of Robert's shouts during Bron-Y-Aur has been completely removed (around the 50 second mark of the track). The second difference is the correction of the cut/repeat during Whole Lotta Love. The final difference is the edited dropout during Whole Lotta Love.
Akashic's title has the exact same content of Tarantura2000's "re-master." There are no differences of any kind other than Akashic's slower speed and different cue stops. Their "2nd Edition" is the same audio.
Empress Valley's Live In New Zealand most closely matches Tarantura2000's "master." They cleaned up a few edits and amplified the tape about as much as Tarantura2000's "re-master." Their reissue reuses the same discs from the first release.
These single source titles share the longest fade-in ever produced on a Led Zeppelin silver disc - 20 seconds.
Wendy debuts the second source, but only for the missing songs from source one.
Graf Zep is highly similar to Wendy. It would be considered a better mix because of the splicing method.
EV's "Thunder Down Under: Biggest Gathering - version #A" is a two source mix that uses the first source as its foundation. Source one's two giant fades are displaced with source two, along with a few minor places between songs.
EV's "Thunder Down Under: Biggest Gathering - version #B" uses seventy minutes more of source two than any other title and fills the gaps with source one.

2-27-72, source 1
Australian Tour 1972 Part 1 (Black Cat) & Live In Sydney (Equinox)

Black Cat and Equinox are from the same tape source.
Black Cat runs too fast. Equinox runs at the proper speed and has a few extra seconds of tape between songs. It's sound seems to be better in some places.

2-27-72, source 2
Ayers Rock (Tarantura2000) & Robbers Return (Sharaku Productions)

Ayers Rock is from the second tape source. The "mastering" for this release was way, way, way overdone. It has been tweaked so hard that the background noise sounds like a flock of birds, making the sound have a "metallic" sound. It's most noticeable between songs. A raw version of this tape would have been nice listening.
Robbers Return is strictly source two and is a big improvement over Ayer's Rock. There's a 68 second cut/repeat in Moby.

2-27-72, s3
Live In Sydney 1972 (Graf Zeppelin) & On Stage Sydney (Wendy, 3cd)

Wendy debuted source three on their 2021 3cd title bearing the same name as their 2012 2cd title. It mixes in source two in a few spots. There's a 68 second cut/repeat in Moby. The sound is not metallic like their original title.
Graf's first three discs of their 6cd title offer a mix based on source three. It also uses both of the other audience sources. It adds in a few more seconds of source three. It's sound is fairly similar to Wendy.

2-27-72, mixes
Balloon Goes Up On Led Zeppelin (Empress Valley), Live In Sydney 1972 (Graf Zeppelin), On Stage Sydney (Wendy, 2cd), Rumble In Sydney (Futher Along), & Thunder Down Under: Pop Goes the Showground (Empress Valley)

Futher Along uses the second source as the primary tape. It relies on tape one to complete Bron-Y-Aur Stomp and Rock and Roll. This title too has extremely poor "mastering" but is a tiny bit better than Ayers.
Empress Valley's Balloon uses the second source as the primary tape, similar to Futher Along, but better sounding. Many of the tape stretches have been removed.
Wendy's also uses the second tape as the primary source. It's mixture is similar to the others but has the metallic sound.
EV's "Thunder Down Under: Pop Goes the Showground - version #A and #B" use the second source as the foundation and fills in gaps using the first source. Version #B repeats version #A but removes some of the stretches. (Version #B's original second disc was a repeat of the set's first disc. A replacement disc was issued to correct the problem.)
Graf's last three discs of their 6cd title offer a mix based on source two, using the other sources to complete. It does not repeat any tape during Moby.

2-27-72, soundboard
Live In Sydney (Equinox), Live In Sydney 1972 (Graf Zeppelin), & On Stage Sydney (Wendy, 2cd)

Equinox was the first to release the two fragmentary tracks. Wendy's title includes an extra two dozen seconds of Whole Lotta Love and another ten after the show. Graf's title is highly similar to Wendy.

2-29-72, sources 1 & 2
Australian Tour 1972 Part 2 (Black Cat), Live In Brisbane (Equinox), On Stage Brisbane (Wendy), & Thunder Down Under: Indoor Farewell (Empress Valley)

Black Cat was the first cd release of this show and is strictly source one.
Equinox mostly relies on the Black Cat tape, adding in the missing songs from source two. The newer source is used for all of Dazed and Whole Lotta Love instead of using the Black Cat fragments. So, neither source is offered in full here. For the source these two titles share, Equinox is at least slightly better sounding.
EV's "Thunder Down Under: Indoor Farewell - version #B" uses the source one as it's foundation and fills in the gaps with source two. While it starts off by debuting ten seconds of tape of source one, they make no attempt to include all of the previously known tape, missing a total of 45 seconds at splices. EV's version #A uses source two as it's foundation and then fill it's gaps with source one. Again, no attempt was made to include all of source two, but only misses about sixteen seconds. Metallic sounds can be heard on source two.
Wendy's title is strictly source two. It has the same level of metallic sounds as found on the EV title. It's been amplified a bit more than EV.

Amsterdam 1972 (MMachine & no label), Amsterdam Warmup (Magnificent Disc), Dancing Bear (Tarantura), European Warm Up Shows 1972 (no label), Memento Mori (Wendy), & Running Bear (Gold Standard)

MMachine seems to sound a tiny hair better than Gold Standard. It has an extra 4 seconds of music at cuts during songs over the other releases. It also has more tape after Rock and Roll.
Tarantura's introduction was edited, removing 25 seconds. It's sound is also a little louder than Gold Standard.
Mag Disc's title is cuts out 4-5 seconds too early on Stairway and cuts into Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp a couple of seconds too late. It has the same cut and repeat after Whole Lotta Love that is found on all releases. A few seconds are missing in the area of the cut after Rock and Roll. It's sound is a tiny hair louder than MMachine but isn't due to a better generation of tape - just amplification. Like Mag Disc's first two releases, this third release also has the all too common metallic sound in the background. The affect isn't anywhere near as horrid as Memphis Underground's but is constantly evident and inexcusable.
No label's "European Warm Up" release is another edited title. Much of the introduction has been removed, the end of Immigrant Song has been removed and replaced with tape from a different show, is cut after Heartbreaker, and is missing the last few available seconds of Stairway. It's been amplified quite a bit.
Wendy's title is missing too much tape. About thirty seconds have been removed from the introduction. The last part of Immigrant Song has been removed, cut short. Cuts have been inserted after Hearbreaker and Black Dog, both missing about two seconds each. The end of Stairway misses almost two seconds as well.
No label's "Amsterdam" title misses all the same music and other audio that was missed on their first release of this show. It has been amplified a lot.

Belgian Triple (Empress Valley), Brussels 1972 (no label), & European Warm Up Shows 1972 (no label)

These three titles are highly similar in content and sound quality. The only exception is no label's title has another second of music before the cut in Dazed before the eight minute mark.

Detroit 1972 (no label, 1cd & 2cd) & Red FK Tee (Empress Valley)

The no label 1cd title debuted this show. It has been amplified a little and runs a little faster than EV's two discs.
EV's first disc is their "EQ version" and has been amplified a bit over their second disc, "original master." Their "original master" has a little repeat of tape after Moby Dick. These discs are otherwise highly similar to the no label title.
No label's 2cd title debuted the second source for this show. It's based on the 31 minute second source and then fills with the first source.

Montreal Gazette (Wendy) & Red Snapper Deluxe (Balboa)

Balboa is from an incomplete version of the first tape source. Wendy is a more complete version of source one until the cut after Moby Dick. From there, source two is used to finish the show. Source two is used for less than one minute before the big switch after Moby Dick. During Wendy's introduction, a splice to an inferior version of source one is used, all the way through the beginning of Heartbreaker. The inferior tape has a ton of hiss. For the other parts common between the two titles, Wendy sounds a good deal better.

1972 Charlotte (Empress Valley), Charlotte 1972 (TDOLZ & no label), Compositions (Tarantura), Don't Do It If You Don't Want To (Holy Grail), Knees Up Mother Brown (IQ), Live In Charlotte 1972 (no label), & Memories of Charlotte (Wendy)

IQ's title runs a bit fast, lacks tape before the show - cutting into the first note of Immigrant Song, and has no left channel for 45 seconds during Moby Dick.
Holy Grail is virtually identical to IQ. It's a little better since it contains the short introduction and doesn't cut into Rock and Roll.
TDOLZ's sound is far superior. It is louder, has less background noise, has a broader range of frequencies, and the tape runs closer to proper speed. The introduction is 3 seconds long and does not cut into Immigrant Song. There are no channel problems during Moby Dick. The tape runs a hair slow.
Tarantura's title is very similar to TDOLZ. It has about 18 seconds more tape after Moby Dick but removed the tape stretches after WLL and Rock & Roll. The tape runs closer to the proper speed than the other titles. It's sound is slightly quieter than TDOLZ but is not likely due to a difference in tape generation.
Wendy's title is also similar to TDOLZ. It's only real problem is minor, which is a strange sound after Celebration Day.
No label's "Live In Charlotte 1972" is very similar to TDOLZ.
Empress Valley's title is not only the worst version of this show, but is probably the worst title ever. There are several micro cut/repeats all concentrated at the beginning and ending of most songs for several seconds each and they can also be heard throughout the entire title.
No label's "Charlotte 1972" is a poor title. It has audio problems beginning in Stairway, lasting about ten minutes, stopping during the next song. More problems appear breifly at the cut after Dazed, then again during Moby about half way into the song.

Cardiff 1972 2nd Night (Graf Zeppelin) & Hard As Knuckles (Graf Zeppelin)

Graf debuted part of this show on their Cardiff title, but it was noted as being from Philadelphia on the 13th. Over a year later, they put out a more complete version of the same show and have correctly attributed it to the 10th.

Axeman of Cometh (Flagge), Baltimore 1972 (Immigrant, Wardour, and No Label), Baltimore Jack (TDOLZ), Nutty and Cool (Baby Face), & Triangle of Love (Tarantura2000)

Immigrant's Moby Dick is missing a few seconds, Whole Lotta Love has a slight cut, is missing over 2 minutes of tape after Rock and Roll, and has almost no tape after the show.
Flagge splices in a different generation tape of the same show (different speed too) in 3 places to correct for a few very minor tape faults in the main tape. The splices cause more disturbance than the faults of the main tape. This title presents a new cut during Moby Dick, missing 3 seconds from the opening. Little tape is available after the show.
TDOLZ's is missing tape before and after the show. It has some digital glitches, has a cut/drop during Dazed, and is missing a few seconds of Moby Dick.
Baby Face has more tape before and after the show. It has a couple of glitches and is missing a few seconds of Moby Dick.
Wardour's is the most complete, musically and otherwise. It has all known tape before the show, 2 extra seconds of Moby at the cut, has almost 2 minutes of tape after the show, and contains no digital glitches like Baby Face and TDOLZ. It's only fault is minor (missing about 2 seconds of tape after That's The Way).
Tarantura2000 is missing too much music and tape between songs. The opening nine seconds of Tangerine are absent (for the first time on disc), Moby is missing two seconds, and most of the tape after Bron is missing (52 seconds). There are four instances where the balance shifts from one channel to the other, making it sound like cuts.
The no label title is complete. It's been equalized quite a bit to give some more low end and depth, and has also been amplified quite a bit too. Immigrant's tape is clearly from a higher generation than the other titles. TDOLZ's equalization is a bit off. Baby Face has been amplified a little. Flagge has been amplified quite a bit over the others. Wardour seems to have not adjusted the sound, so it's a little more natural. Tarantura2000's sound has been highly amplified, and the no label title too.

Nassau Coliseum 1972 1st Night (no label), Sometime In New York City (IQ), Whole Lotta Led (Badgeholders), & Whole Lotta Led: Ultimate Power Blues (Tarantura2000)

IQ and Badgholders are almost completely identical in content. Badgholders removed a few of the tape stretches. They have amplified their tape quite heavily.
Tarantura2000 has edited each cut and stretch, concealing the breaks quite well. This makes locating the cuts difficult. It's music is louder than IQ, but it's background noise isn't equally as loud. It's likely from a better generation of tape.
The no label title includes all the tape stretches, but during the cut in Dazed, ten seconds of the song have been removed. It's been equalized to emphasis the lower end.

Long Island Line (IQ), Tangerine (Mud Dogs), Milky Way Express (Wendy), Nassau Coliseum 1972 2nd Night (no label), Welcome Back (Tarantura), Whole Lotta Led (Badgeholders), & Whole Lotta Led: Willie and the Hand Jive (Tarantura2000)

The end of WLL is not available. Tarantura "fixed" this problem by repeating the beginning of the song at the end. Other edits cost Tarantura a couple seconds of music. The title has been amplified a considerable amount.
Mud Dog's introduction is slightly shorter than the other titles. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp has almost 2 more seconds of music before the common cut. It's Whole Lotta Love is missing the last two minutes. The tape has been amplified some.
Badgeholder's title is missing some of the introduction, has the extra tape during Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp, is missing over half of Tangerine, and is missing the last two minutes of Whole Lotta Love. The title has been amplified a considerable amount.
IQ has all the common tape. It's sound hasn't been amplified.
Tarantura2000 has similar content as IQ. It's seems to be from a better generation of tape than previous titles, but it runs a little fast.
The no label release misses tape at the cut during Bron, a half minute after Dazed, another half minute after Moby, another half minute of WLL's beginning, and then repeats 35 seconds of an early part of WLL to fake an ending for the song, just like the original Tarantura. It's not been amplified as much as T2K.
Wendy is the only title to have all known tape. It's been amplified some, but not too much.

Ahead & After (Empress Valley), Axeman of Cometh (Flagge), Seattle 1972 (no label & Wendy), Sizzles In Seattle (no label), & Trouble In Vancouver (Gold Standard)

Flagge's introduction is slightly shorter than the others. It is missing some commentary and notes after Stairway. There's more time after the final song but it's not likely genuine. It's music and background are a little louder than Gold's.
Empress Valley's title is identical in content to Gold Standard's. It's music and background are a little louder than Gold's.
Seattle 1972's title is similar to Gold Standard.
No label's title is complete and in good form.
Wendy's title has their familiar metallic sound in the background. It's content is otherwise good.

Dancing Again (Empress Valley, original and reissue), Evergreen (TDOLZ), Fall of Lucifer (Empress Valley), Let's Do It Again (Badgeholders), Lightbringer (Cashmere), Seattle 1972 (no label & Wendy), & Sizzles In Seattle (Lemon Song & no label)

It's important to note that EV's 2006 Dancing Days title and no label's 2010 Seattle 1972 title both offer a complete Since I've Been Loving You. Both of these labels released the show again in 2022 and are cut in the usual spot during the song.

Lemon Song misses a few seconds of Immigrant soon after it's start. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp is missing 13 seconds. Dazed contains a 33 second repeat and then misses 22 seconds. What Is and What Should Never Be is cut, missing just 1 second. The comical audience comment during Moby Dick has been extracted, removing 23 seconds. Whole Lotta Love has an extra tape problem during the fifth minute. The first second of Over the Hills is missing. Some tape after the show is missing too. The title runs a little too fast.
TDOLZ's Bron-Y-Aur Stomp is missing 100 seconds. Dazed is missing the last 46 seconds. The organ solo is cut twice, missing 1 minute. Money is missing the last 18 seconds. About 45 seconds of commentary is missing after Over the Hills and Far Away. Some tape after the show is missing too. TDOLZ is from a better tape generation than Lemon Song.
Badgeholders is missing the first 4 seconds of Immigrant Song. Cashmere has this section, but it is from a poorer generation of tape. Cashmere has two instances of digital static during Heartbreaker. Both of these titles are cut after Black Country Woman (for the first time) and have a very horrible overlapping tape edit. Moby Dick is missing 5.5 minutes on Badgeholders. It does seem to be from a better tape than TDOLZ.
Cashmere uses a poor generation of tape for this section. (This tape is not missing or degenerated on Lemon Song and TDOLZ.) Cashmere misses the final split second of Money. (The first pressing of Cashmere's disc 2 has two second gaps between tracks. Cashmere's cue stops are poorly positioned, although still between songs.) It does seem to be from a better tape than TDOLZ and is similar in sound to the Badgeholders title.
Empress Valley's 2006 Dancing Days title contains all known tape previously available on silver disc. They've "completed" Since I've Been Loving You by splicing the cut, probably from a different part of the same song. There's no known missing tape, no extra cuts, no splicing, and has no degenerated tape (as found on Cashmere). It's stretches have been edited some. It is from a better generation of tape than Lemon Song and TDOLZ.
No label's 2010 Seattle 1972 release is similar in musical completeness as EV. It's SIBLY is also spliced, probably from a different part of the same song too. It's cuts aren't buried in edits, well documenting the tape's characteristics. However, there are four spots where the sound is just wrong (they sound like poor overlapping edits). The last twenty seconds of tape after the show are missing.
EV's reissue of Dancing Days is a clone of the original, down to the disc times.
No label's 2022 Sizzles In Seattle title is correctly cut during SIBLY and not spliced. It's sound is similar to EV's Dancing Days.
EV's Lucifer title is cut during SIBLY unlike their previous title, but has all other known tape. It has some extra cuts on the last disc that aren't found on other titles. It's sound is slightly less amplified than the prior EV.
Wendy's title has their familiar metallic sound in the background. They have spliced SIBLY to "complete" it, likely using a different part of the same song. Most of the tape after the show is absent.

Berdu (Cobra, Moonchild, & Graf Zeppelin), Born To Be Wild (Magnificent Disc & Whole Lotta Live), Di Rigori Armato Il Seno (Wendy), Latter Day Saint (Tarantura2000), Route 66 (Tarantura), Swinging In San Bernardino (Empress Valley), Welcome Back: Berdu (Godfatherecords), & Welcome Back To California (Empress Valley)

Whole Lotta Live is a direct copy of the Tarantura.
Cobra's Dazed is out of sequence.
Tarantura is missing much of the introduction, tape after Whole Lotta Love, and tape after the show. It is also missing a bit of tape after Going To California and Dazed. It has a couple of tape glitches a drop during Dazed that aren't found on the other titles.
Mag Disc is much more complete (music aside) than Tarantura. (Just before the cut in Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp, it has about 2 extra seconds of music, but is then followed by a repeat of a brief line from earlier in the song, which displaces about 2 seconds.) For the first time, extra music is provided around the cut in Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp. There's about 2 extra seconds before the usual cut, and then cuts back in about 5 seconds earlier. Like Mag Disc's first release, this title too has the familiar metallic sound in the background. It is much less than their first release but is still constantly evident and inexcusable. Aside from the small cut just before Black Dog and the mistake in Bron-Yr-Aur, this title would have been a great release if they wouldn't have tampered with the sound.
Empress Valley's Swinging title is the most complete musically and between songs. It contains the extra tape for Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp previously only found in Mag Disc's title. EV's sound is more similar to Tarantura than the others.
Tarantura2000's release is worse than the original Tarantura release, and is the worst version so far. It's missing too much tape before the show, after Dazed, after WLL, and after the show. (Oddly, it does have all known tape surrounding Bron's cut.) Furthermore, there are many instances of static during Dazed, Moby, Whole Lotta Love, and in other places.
Godfather's title is most similar in content and quality to EV. For some reason they've inserted a brief splice in Stairway, although the song isn't cut on other titles.
Wendy's title is most similar to Godfather's content, right down to the unnecessary splice in Stairway. It sound has been suppressed immensely between tracks and sounds very poor.
Moonchild's title is complete and is most similar in sound and content to EV.
EV's Welcome Back title is identical in content to Godfather, with the splice in Stairway and the disc times only be different by one second each.
Graf's title is fairly similar to EV and Moonchild. It has removed the stretch from Bron.

Burn Like a Candle (Empress Valley's 4 editions, Graf Zeppelin, Moonchild, Smoking Pig, 2015's no label, & Wendy's original and reissue), Burn That Candle (Equinox & Tarantura2000), Night At the Heartbreak Hotel (Missing Link), ), & Welcome Back: Night At the Heartbreak Hotel (Godfatherecords)

Smoking Pig, Missing Link, and Tarantura2000 include "Weekend" from 6-14-72 as a bonus track, but do not credit the date. Equinox and Tarantura2000 (cd5) include the interview by Wolf Man Jack.
The cuts on Smoking Pig and Equinox are in the same places. Equinox edited some at 3 of the cuts. Two are between songs and each miss about 2 seconds of tape. The other is during the Whole Lotta Love medley, which removes almost 5 seconds of the song. Smoking Pig accidentally includes some blank tape followed by part of Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp at the end of disc one.
Missing Link mostly has the same cuts. It's cuts after Dazed & Confused and What Is and What Should Never be, have several extra seconds over the other titles (of the same age). However, it's cut after Whole Lotta Love is missing about 25 seconds. Unlike the others, it has a cut and repeat after The Ocean.
Empress Valley employs their trickery again. The introduction has been extended (faked) 20 seconds. A second tape source has been spliced to fill in the big gap in Going To California and Whole Lotta Love. At each splice some of the original tape is lost to the other source. The splice to complete WLL's gap doesn't make it. Time is still missing. Judging by EV's past performance, the second source is probably from a different night altogether.
Mostly, EV's cuts match the other titles. However, after Thank You, another 17 seconds are faked. Some of it is a repeat of tape from the same section. The rest would lead you to believe that Jimmy Page silently made it back on stage, played a few notes, and then disappeared to later come back to the stage with the group. EV runs a touch faster than the other titles.
Wendy's two source mixed title repeats the same mistakes found on titles released over ten years ago. Some of source one's tape is missing. Source two is metallic.
Empress Valley's title is the loudest, followed by Missing Link, Wendy, Smoking Pig, then Equinox. The background noise just increases with the loudness. There is no difference between the clarity of sound.
EV's second and third editions reissue the cds from the first edition.
EV's 5cd reissue is different from prior issues. They've taken the same audio, placing on the first three cds of the title, and edited it, changing tape flaws and background noises into "micro cut/repeats."
Tarantura2000 unnecessarily spread the show across four cds. Typical quality and sound, usual tape source, no mixed sources.
Godfather's title is strictly source one and only has a few minor imperfections.
The no label version is also strictly source one with a few imperfections.
Graf Zeppelin's title is strictly the first source and is the most complete version available.
Wendy's reissue uses the same audio as their original.
Moonchild's title is strictly source one. It runs too slow and misses too much tape. The sound is par. While it's disc times match the Smoking Pig title (minus Weekend), it's not a direct copy.

6-27-72 soundboard
Burn Like a Candle (Empress Valley's two 4cd and one 5cd editions), Definitive Beach Party (Graf Zeppelin), How I Won the West (Wendy, original and reissue), How the West Was Redone (no label & Moonchild), How the West Was Won Revisited (Empress Valley), & Welcome Back: Wild Beach Party (Godfatherecords)

EV's third edition reissues the cd from the second edition. Their fourth edition uses the same audio and is placed on the fifth disc.
Wendy and Godfather released the tracks in similar quality. Wendy decided to include a soundboard version of the Immigrant Song. It's much closer to the official live release than being from the raw tape.
Wendy reissued their title, reusing the original discs.
Graf's title includes the tracks in typical excellent quality.
No label's HTWWR is a mix of soundboard tracks similar to the official release. EV's HTWWWR is a mix of soundboard tracks similar to the official release.
Moonchild's HTWWR is evidently a direct copy of EV. It has the same cd times and content.

6-27-72 audience sources 1 & 2
Burn Like a Candle (Empress Valley, 5cd), Definitive Beach Party (Graf Zeppelin), Get Back To Where You Once Belonged (Wendy), How I Won the West (Wendy, original and reisse), & Wild Beach Party (Led Note)

Led Note released the first audience tape.
Wendy's "Get Back" debuted a forty minute fragment of the second tape. EV later released a one hundred minute fragment, but has many instances of micro cut/repeats.
Wendy's "How I Won" is based on source two, falls back to source one when it can, and then uses one or two more sources to complete. The Immigrant Song is incomplete and is the only title to use this source (perhaps number three or four).
Graf's title is similar to Wendy's "How I Won." It uses a diff source for the Immigrant Song, but the rest is highly similar to Wendy. It has an extra disc to substitute for the middle disc of the show, to use the soundboard.

6-27-72 audience sources 3 & 4
Burn That Candle (Empress Valley), Definitive Beach Party (Graf Zeppelin), How I Won the West (Wendy, original and reisse), & Welcome Back: Wild Beach Party (Godfatherecords)

(Without having isolated sources to compare against these titles, it's difficult to tell if new tape is from a new tape source, of if it's just a previously unreleased portion of familiar tape.)
Wendy debuted the third tape and possibly a fourth, but they're used very little.
EV's title is based on source one, does not use source two, and uses the third and possibly a fourth tape to complete. Some new tape for source one is debuted here for Dazed. There are a lot of micro cut/repeats in the title.
Godfather uses the first two sources, a lot of a third tape, and possibly a fourth tape too.
Wendy reissued their title, reusing the original discs.
Graf's title also uses sources beyond the first two tapes, and is a highly similar mix to Wendy.

Burned Out Candle (Empress Valley), Crashing Revelry (Empress Valley), Get Back (Scorpio), Get Back To Where You Once Belonged (Wendy), Hard As Knuckles (Graf Zeppelin), LZ Riders In AZ (Tarantura2000, original and reissue), & Tucson 1972 (no label)

Scorpio's Immigrant Song has a dip in sound at the beginning that's not found on the other titles. Burned Out Candle doesn't have the channel shift in Heartbreaker, but it has two other faults in the title. There's a micro cut/repeat in Whole Lotta Love and there's a two second gap between the last two tracks.
Tarantura2000's title is highly similar to EV's Crashing Revelry, but doesn't have the minor channel shift in Heartbreaker.
Tarantura2000's 2015 reissue is identical to the original.
Graf's title doesn't have any of the minor problems found differing between the other titles. It has a very large overlap bewteen the first two discs. It's sound and content are otherwise very similar to Crashing Revelry.
Wendy and Tarantura2000 seem to have no amplification, Scorpio has amplified sufficiently, and the two EV are amplified slightly more than Scorpio. Graf's sound is similar to EV.
No label's title has a couple of minor uncorrected issues. It's sound is fairly similar to other titles.

10-2-72, source 1
1972 Japan Tour (Empress Valley), Budokan 1972 1st Night (no label, 4cd & 2cd issues), Budokan 1972 1st Night Revisited (no label), The Campaign (Tarantura), Dancing Days (Aphrodite Studios & Silver Shadow), Eastern Front (Great Dane), Led Zeppelin is My Brother (Empress Valley), Live In Japan 1972 (LSD), Live In Tokyo: Budokan First Night (Empress Valley), No Use Greco (Tarantura), October Premiere (Empress Valley), & Presentation 1972 (Patriot)

Of these ten titles, only Empress Valley and no label's "Revisited" are not entirely from source one. For the other eight, musically speaking, they all are complete and sound very good.
Patriot claims to be the complete tape from the master reels, and no other title offers more content.
The no label 4cd title's first two cds are a copy of the Patriot title. The only difference is cue stop placement. The last two cds are an amplified/equalized version of the first two discs.
The no label 2cd title reuses the first two cds from their four cd release.
The two Tarantura's are almost completely identical. The later issued version (Campaign) has a different edit after Whole Lotta Love. The LSD is almost completely identical to the Tarantura. These three titles are missing a few seconds between songs. Their sound is mostly similar, being a little muffled and occasionally unbalanced. LSD's sound is a little louder.
Aphrodite, Silver Shadow, and Great Dane have several cuts between songs, eliminating more than 10 minutes of tape.
Empress Valley's "Brother" title uses source four to complete the small gaps. It's sound has been amplified, making the music and background noise louder than Patriot.
Empress Valley's "1972 Japan Tour" is also based on source one and filled by other sources. The splices are long and displace too much of the main source.
No label's 2cd "Revisited" title is highly similar to EV's "1972 Japan Tour" and misses too much of the main source.
EV's "October Premiere" appears to be an audio copy of their title from the 12cd box "1972 Japan Tour."
EV's "Live In Tokyo" 7cd box offers this show twice on the subtitle "Budokan First Night," both being based on the first source and filling with alternate sources. The first offering is the "weedwacker mix" that misses way too much of the first source. No effort was made to preserve the main source between songs, and they didn't bother to use the final seconds of the Rain Song of the main source either. The second offering is the "jrk remix" that does a good job of preserving the main source.

10-2-72, source 2
The Campaign (Tarantura) & Complete Live In Japan (LSD)

Tarantura and LSD's "Bonus" tape are identical sources. They are virtually identical and are the most distant recording for this show.

10-2-72, sources 3-7
Far East Side Story (Wendy), Hard Truth (no label), Live At the Big Hall Budokan Oct 2 1972 (TDOLZ), Live In Tokyo: Budokan Second Night (Empress Valley), & The Overture (Sanctuary)

TDOLZ is the third source available from this show.
Sanctuary is primarily the fourth source, but uses about 30 seconds of the first tape source for part of it's introduction and Dazed.
Wendy is primarily the fifth source, but uses about five minutes of tape from source one and four to fill some gaps (Dazed, WLL, and exit).
The no label title is mostly from source six. It uses the first source for the introduction, SRTS, and the Rain Song.
EV's "Live In Tokyo" 7cd box offers a sampler debut of source 7 on the subtitle "Budokan Second Night" on the final disc. It's about 14 minutes long and features parts of six songs from the first half of the show.

10-3-72, sources 1-9
1972 Japan Tour (Empress Valley), 2nd Night In a Judo Arena (Tarantura), The Campaign (Tarantura), Explosion (Flagge), Great Dictator (Wendy), Live At the Big Hall Budokan Oct 3 1972 (TDOLZ), Live At Nippon Budokan (Empress Valley), Live In Japan 1972 (LSD), Live In Tokyo (Amsterdam), Live In Tokyo: Budokan Second Night (Empress Valley), Majestic Rock (Reel Masters), No Use Gneco (Tarantura2000, 3cd), Role To Play (no label), & Tokyo 1972 2nd Night (no label)

Sources, numbered relative to chronological cd release date:
source 1 = Tarantura
source 2 = Amsterdam (130 minutes)
source 3 = TDOLZ (127 minutes)
source 4 = Flagge
source 5 = Reel Masters
source 6 = Tarantura2000
source 7 = Role To Play (no label)
source 8 = Tokyo 1972 2nd Night (no label)
source 9 = Live In Tokyo: Budokan Second Night (Empress Valley) (126 minutes)

The two Tarantura titles are mostly from the first source. The introduction and Dazed come from source two. The Campaign re-issued source one used in it's earlier title. This time, they made a few edits at cuts. One of the edits is after Stairway To Heaven. It replaces 20 seconds of the original tape with 10 seconds of tape from elsewhere. "2nd Night" has it's cue stops placed after the songs end, not right before they begin - not uncommon for Tarantura.
Amsterdam is strictly from a single source, source number two. It runs a bit fast and could have been easily placed on two cds instead of three.
LSD is a 2 source mix. It uses the Amsterdam source up to the beginning of Stairway and then uses the Tarantura source for the remainder. The source shared with Amsterdam is much better sounding and runs at the proper speed.
TDOLZ is strictly from a single source, source number three.
Wendy is a similar mixture as LSD, but they throw in the TDOLZ source briefly after Stairway.
Flagge's title is based on the fourth source, then source three, but also uses the first two sources as well. Part of it's introduction is faked by using source one's tape from after Dazed.
EV's "Live At Nippon Budokan" is a direct copy of Flagge's title.
Reel Masters is from the fifth source, but not entirely. It uses some of the TDOLZ source to complete Rain Song and Stairway To Heaven.
Tarantura2000 is from the sixth source, but not entirely. It uses some of the Reel Masters source after Rain Song. Brief splicing occurs during Whole Lotta Love too.
The 2012 no label title "Role To Play" debuts the seventh source and mixes in a few seconds of an older source to fill a gap in Dazed.
The 2016 no label title "Tokyo 1972 2nd Night" is a mix extremely based on source one that's similar to the old Taranturas, but fills in some of those gaps (Dazed and between some songs) with other tapes. The Reel Masters source is used during and after Dazed. A new tape source, source 8, is used after WLL, after Immigrant Song, and after the show (not used for songs). (It's possible they may be debuting more time from unreleased parts of another known source.) The title's sound is very similar to Tarantura.
Empress Valley's "1972 Japan Tour" is a meaningless mix. It is based on source one, then source two, and then filled with other sources. No effort of any kind was made to use all available source one or two. An unnecessary splice away from source two was made for ten seconds to bring in source three after Rain. Part of source six was used for the beginning of Stairway instead of source one. The final source used on this title is the eighth source, and is only used after the show.
The 2021 no label title "Budokan 1972 2nd Night" claims to be, and is, a six source mix. It is based on source four (Flagge), but uses source one (Tarantura) for Immigrant Song and the Ocean. It's not clear why the Flagge source was not used. The first part of the intro is new to cd and sounds as if it was copied from a vinyl title, while most of the intro is the second source (Amsterdam). Source eight is used after Immigrant and after Ocean. This title isn't amplified as loud as Flagge's.
EV's 7cd Live In Tokyo box contains the subtitle Budokan Second Night that features the debut of the 9th source. It's gaps are filled with other known sources.

10-4-72, source 1
Raw Tapes II (Amsterdam) & The Second Daze (Mud Dogs)

These two titles are from the same source.
Second Daze's sound is not as clear, seems overloaded on the lower frequencies, and runs too fast. It has a cut after Stairway and is missing about 15 seconds of tape (no music missing) overall.
Amsterdam's title is much better, lacking the defects found in the Mud Dog title.

10-4-72, source 2
The Campaign (Tarantura), Dancing Geisha (Tarantura), Live In Japan 1972 (LSD), Osaka 1972 1st Night (no label), & Raw Tapes I (Amsterdam)

These titles are strictly from the second source and are somewhat similar.
The two Tarantura's are exactly identical. For some reason, they decided to repeat a two second section twice to "add" time after Dazed and Heartbreaker.
The no label title contains the exact same audio as found in the two Tarantura titles, but isn't amplified as much (small difference).

10-4-72, 2 source mixes
1972 Japan Tour (Empress Valley), Connexion (Amsterdam), Dancing Page (Tarantura2000), Live At Festival Hall 1972 (Power Archives), Moral Reader, (Wendy), Naniwa Elegy 1972 (Wendy), Rock Explosion 72 (Tarantura2000), & Spirit of Zero Fighter (Tarantura2000)

Power Archives is a mix that uses the first source to complete the second source. Connexion is a mix between Raw Tapes I & II. Rock Explosion and Dancing Page use the same exact cds. They use source two only to fill in source's ones gaps and missing encores. Wendy's Moral Reader uses is source one as it's foundation, but uses source two for the introduction, Rock and Roll, Dazed, and the two encores.
EV's title is based on source two. The first eleven seconds of the introduction are from the first appearance of the third source. The rest of the gaps are filled only with source one. The title's sound is similar to the Amsterdam tapes.
Tarantura2000's Zero Fighter is based on source two and fills with source one. It's been amplified a little over Amsterdam's title.
Wendy's Naniwa Elegy uses source two as it's foundation and fills with source one. Little tape is missed at the splices. It's sound is similar to Amsterdam.

10-4-72, source 3
Live In Osaka 1972: Osaka Festiva Hall First Night (Empress Valley)

EV's title debuts source three. The subtitle offers this show twice from the same audio - "mastered" and "stereo" versions. There's a brief splice in Stairway and a splice to source two after the show. The last forty seconds of tape after the show seem to be previously unavailable source two tape.

10-5-72, source 1
Live In Nagoya (Smile Record), The Campaign (Tarantura), & Sakura (Ocean Sound Studio)

Live In Nagoya is not complete. It is missing the last several minutes of it's tape and it runs too fast.
Campaign & Sakura would probably be considered better sounding, but there is a tape problem through most of the show. This problem is also on the Live In Nagoya, but for a much smaller portion of the show.
Sakura has about 5 seconds more tape than Tarantura, due to Tarantura's editing.

10-5-72, source 2
1972 Japan Tour (Empress Valley), DRAGON (Flagge), Geisha Boys (Akashic Records), High Noon (Wendy), Live At Nagoya (Empress Valley), Live In Japan 1972 (LSD), Rock N' Roll Springtime (IQ), & Sakura, Looking Up (Jelly Roll)

"The Geisha Boys" is the complete release of the second source. The other titles listed here are mixes that rely heavily on this source.
These mixed source titles use the first source for the encores. Jelly Roll and Flagge additionally use the first source to complete the beginning of Dazed and Confused.
Wendy has a digital glitch after Dancing Days that isn't found on the other titles.
Other than Flagge, all titles are similar in sound. Flagge highly amplified their title, bringing up the music and background noise.
EV's "Live At Nagoya" is a direct copy of Flagge's title.
Empress Valley's "1972 Japan Tour" is similar to their prior release, but not identical. The switch to source one after Rain debuts about twenty seconds of tape and the cue stops are better placed. It's not amplified as loud as their prior title.

10-9-72, sources 1, 2, 3, & 4
1972 Japan Tour (Empress Valley), The Campaign (Tarantura), Let Me Get Back To 1972 (H-Bomb, 3cd), Live (Tarantura, no label versions, and TMQ), Live In Japan 1972 (LSD), Live In Osaka 1972 (Empress Valley), Live In Osaka 1972: Osaka Festiva Hall Second Night (Empress Valley), Moby Dick (Boleskine House Records), My Brain Hurts (Tarantura2000, both issues), Osaka 1972 2nd Night (no label), Rock Explosion 72 (Tarantura2000), Stand By Me (Wendy), Tapes From the Darkside (H-Bomb, 3cd), & Unprocessed 109 (no label)

The first source is used on the H-Bomb triples all share the same discs and have the same content. They are unnecessarily spread across three cds. LSD is almost identical in content and similar in sound. Boleskine's title has been speed corrected (except for the speed problem during WLL), has a tiny bit more tape after Rain Song, and has been amplified a little too. The two no label single disc releases titled "Live" are reissuing vinyl tracks, so they're far from being the complete show. The single disc TMQ title "Live" is also the same vinyl tracks as the others. EV's Stand By Me reuses the disc from vinyl as the TMQ title "Live." The no label double disc release titled "Unprocessed 109" is virtually identical in content to Boleskine, but isn't amp'd as loud. The no label "Osaka 1972 2nd Night" is a slightly less complete version of their "Unprocessed 109" released ten months earlier. About forty seconds of tape is missing.
Tarantura's Live is mostly from a second tape source. For Dazed, Stairway, and Whole Lotta Love, it uses the H-Bomb source. The Campaign's only difference from Live is that it repeats 9 seconds of tape after Rain Song, from earlier in the show.
Rock Explosion and both issues of My Brain Hurts use the same exact cds. The H-Bomb tape is used almost exclusively. About 15 seconds of tape after Moby Dick are used from the Tarantura source, but they didn't bother to borrow the introduction to the show.
Wendy's title debuts the third source. It is used from the beginning of the show through the end of Stairway To Heaven, with the exception of the end of the Rain Song. (Rain song is completed by one of the other two sources, likely H-Bomb.) The remainder of the title uses the H-Bomb source, except when it briefly switches to the Tarantura source after Moby Dick.
Empress Valley's 1972 Japan Tour is based on the first source but mixes in two other sources to complete. The introduction is the third source. For the cut after Rain and Moby, a fourth source is used, totaling about 80 seconds. Each time the main source is cut, EV misses too much tape. For instance, they miss most of the first two seconds of the very first song.
The more commonly used tape source (H-Bomb) is virtually identical between the various titles. The H-Bomb titles aren't quite as loud as the others.
EV's Live In Osaka 1972 title is based on source three and is very similar to Wendy's title. However, EV spliced away from source three too early and misses some of source three's ending of Stairway. The fourth source is used briefly after Moby Dick (like on their 1972 Japan Tour title). It's sound is simiar to Wendy.
EV's Live In Osaka 1972: Osaka Festiva Hall Second Night has this show twice. The first is the full show on 2cds and is a reissue of the audio from the 12cd box 1972 Japan Tour from June 2018. The third disc is a reissue of the vinyl found on their Stand By Me title from June 2022.

10-10-72, source 1
The Campaign (Tarantura) & Japanese Warm-Ups Vol. II (Sayonara)

Tarantura and Sayonara are exclusively from the first tape source and are identical in sound. Tarantura has a few edits at cuts.

10-10-72, source 2
Last Night In Japan (TDOLZ) & Live In Japan 1972 (LSD)

TDOLZ and LSD are exclusively from the second source. They're very similar, but LSD has a cut in Whole Lotta Love, repeating 66 seconds. LSD's tape may be one generation better than TDOLZ. It is a little bit better sounding.

10-10-72, source 3 and mixes
1972 Japan Tour: 9th and 10th October 1972 (Empress Valley 2018 box), Evil Spirits in Kyoto: The Sprits "tape A" (Tarantura2000), Evil Spirits in Kyoto: The Colossus "tape B" (Tarantura2000), Evil Spirits in Kyoto: The Dragon "tape C" (Tarantura2000), Kyoto 1972 (no label), Live At Kyoto (Empress Valley), Live In Kyoto (Empress Valley 4cd box and 2cd jewel and 4cd gatefold titles from 2022), Mirage (Flagge), & Old Capital (Wendy)

Flagge, Wendy, EV's "Live At Kyoto," and the no label titles are mixes using source two as their primary tape and source one to fill. Tarantura2000 also has source two as it's foundation but uses source one and three to fill.
Flagge uses source one to complete Rain Song and Stairway may have a brief splice. Strangely, Flagge makes a really poor decision and switches to source on after Rain Song and then again during the latter part of Whole Lotta Love, although source two is not cut in either place. Why??? The title has been amplified a little too much.
Wendy fills in four gaps using source one, then it uses 10/2/72's fifth source to fill in 20 seconds of Stairway. Of course the liner notes do not mention the mixing of different shows.
Empress Valley's "Live At Kyoto" is a copy of Flagge's content. The meta data says "Flagge" and the disc times are the same too.
The Tarantura2000 Sprits title is based on source two but adds in source one and source three. Source three is only used to complete Stairway, while displacing way too much of source two. Exactly like Flagge's poor decision on their title, Tarantura2000 pulls the same trick and swaps out the available source two after Rain Song and during the latter part of Whole Lotta Love for source one. Again, why???
The Tarantura2000 Colossus title is based on source one and is mostly filled with source two. Source three is really only used to complete Stairway. Absurdly, just like their tricks on Spirits, Tarantura2000 swapped out the available source one tape after Rain Song for source two. WHY??? They are making certain the collector will not receive all of source one or source two on just a pair of discs, but rather four discs. These titles were not made with any collector's intensions in mind. Of course it's no surprise, Tarantura2000 has been doing this for many years. It's shameful and without honor.
Tarantura2000's Dragon is based on source three and filled only by source two. There's a glitch at 4:11 during Black Dog.
Empress Valley's "1972 Japan Tour" is also based on source two and filled with other sources. The cut in Rain Song and the first cut in Stairway miss a little of source two. The first second of Hills contains a micro cut/repeat. This title contains about four minutes more tape after Whole Lotta Love and after the show than any prior title. While the cd1 meta data says "721010 The Old Capital (Wendy)" and the disc's running time matches Wendy's, it is not a copy of Wendy. The title has been amplified considerably to help with the quiet tape.
EV's 2022 title "Live In Kyoto" ("Last Ballad") 4cd box has this show twice. The first two cds are INCORRECTLY noted as being from "new source #4," while it's actually the very first source. It does debut an extra ten seconds of the introduction and the missing portion of Stairway, which is over six minutes of the song. Whole Lotta Love has some sound quality issues, likely due to digital processing. (Three instances can be heard at 714, 911, and 944.) About ten seconds of source one are displaced at some of the later splices on disc two. This title is fairly louder than the Sayonara title, and could be closer to the master.
EV's last two cds from the 2022 title "Live In Kyoto" ("Last Ballad") 4cd box contain the exact same content as their "1972 Japan Tour" box, but it's been amplified a little.
EV's 2022 "Live In Kyoto" 2cd jewel cased title reissues the discs from the first two cds of the 4cd box from the month before.
EV's 2022 "Live In Kyoto" 4cd gatefold title reissues the four discs from the 4cd box from the month before.

Newcastle Symphony (IQ), Nice Starter (The Symbols), & Stepmothers Club (Mad Dogs)

Mad Dog's release is far from complete and doesn't retain the proper running order for the tracks featured.
The other two titles are cut after Dazed but Symbols is missing a dozen seconds and the sound quality drops. Both are cut during Whole Lotta Love, but in different places. IQ has a few more seconds of tape after the show. Symbols runs a little slow on the first disc and seems to run even slower on the second disc. Both titles are likely to be from the same generation of tape but IQ has amplified theirs. The amplification has helped this title. It makes it much easier to hear the commentary between songs.

From U.K. With Love (Tarantura2000), Glasgow 1972 First Night (Graf Zeppelin), Glasgow 1972 1st Night (no label), & Pop Gets Tied Up (Empress Valley, 3cd & 5cd)

These are almost identical in content.
Graf released a replacement disc for cd2 shortly after the title's release (running time is 63:18, matrix is 65568, and disc is labeled "LZSC-1203B*"). It was issued for minor reasons, such as removing the tiny glitch halfway through Dazed. It also tacked on about 90 seconds of audience cheer following Whole Lotta Love, that is already found at the beginning of disc three.
The no label title doesn't have the tiny glitch in Dazed, but has one during Heartbreaker.
EV edited the drop during the first song and has the tiny glitch halfway through Dazed. Graf and EV are similar in sound.
Tarantura2000's title has edited the drop in Rock and Roll and doesn't have any glitches. The beginning of Misty has been edited. Immediately after the cut following the Rain Song, they've repeated a section of tape two times to fake/extend audience cheer, in the same fashion Tarantura was doing 25 years ago. The background sound through the title varies and doesn't seem right. It's been amplified a little.

From U.K. With Love (Tarantura2000), Glasgow A Go Go (Wendy), Glasgow 1972 2nd Night (no label), Pop Gets Tied Up (Empress Valley, 5cd) & Stuck On You (TDOLZ)

TDOLZ released their title in the late nineties. It misses a few seconds before the show, has a brief moment of static before the show, has a strange brief sound added into the left channel of the Song Remains the Same (at the 2:51 mark), and runs a little fast.
EV's title (cds four and five) comes along twenty years later and unnecessarily cuts out music from four songs. The end of the Song Remains the Same is missing the last three seconds, the beginning of Rain Song is missing the first four seconds, Whole Lotta Love has thirteen seconds chopped out, and almost the first two seconds of Heartbreaker have been removed too. About twenty seconds of tape is missing from after the show. The speed has been corrected some and the sound has been amplified.
Tarantura2000's title is similar in content to TDOLZ, but without the problem in SRTS. They've edited all the drops and cuts. The speed runs too slow on the first disc but isn't as bad by the second disc. It's been amplified a lot.
Wendy's title debuts the second source and fills with the first. The second source is a bit metallic sounding.
The no label title is based on source two and fills with the first source. It has several more splices than Wendy, mostly for super brief partial dropouts. It's sound is natural and not metallic.

12-8-72, sources 1 & 2
Hard Rock Manchester (Wendy), Hardrock! (Sanctuary), Let It Zep (Tarantura2000), & Rovers Return (Empress Valley)

Sanctuary represents the first tape source.
EV features the second source but relies on the first source for completion between songs for the last half of the show, and for Immigrant Song too. The beginning two seconds of Rock and Roll are not from this date. EV failed to mention this in their liner notes. The splice at the end of Dazed is a bit rough. They missed filling in the gap during Whole Lotta Love. The beginning of Immigrant Song has been edited in a very odd way, making for a strange effect.
Tarantura2000 is a similar mix as EV, but without the deceptions. They filled the gap in Whole Lotta Love with almost four minutes of source one. Their title has been amplified a bit more than EV.
Wendy is mostly from source two. Like EV, they've inserted a different show for the first second of Rock and Roll, but didn't mention the two show mix in the liner notes. The beginning of Immigrant Song also seems to be edited in a very odd way, like EV, making for a strange effect. Source one is used for the first and only time for Heartbreaker. It's a strange mix to add in an entirely different night and then to skip several opportunities to fill with the alternate source. The metallic sound can be heard during quite passages. It's not been amplified as much as Tarantura2000.

Cardiff 1972 2nd Night (Graf Zeppelin) & Detroit Rock City (Lemon Song)

Lemon Song's title runs fast and is missing about three and a half minutes of tape from between songs.
Graf's title runs at the proper speed, has the extra tape, and has been amplified quite a bit over Lemon Song.

Live From England 1972 (Graf Zeppelin, original and reissue) & Sweet Brummy Roll (Empress Valley, original and reissue)

EV originally released this in 2003 and reissued it in 2011. Graf's title is highly similar, and was reissued.

Live From England 1972 (Graf Zeppelin, original and reissue) & Sweet Brummy Roll (Empress Valley, original and reissue)

EV originally released this in 2003 and reissued it in 2011. Graf's title is highly similar, and was reissued.

12-22-72, source 1
Alexandra Night (Right Stuff), Ally Pally Hard Rock Daze: The 2nd Daze (Empress Valley), & Riot House (CHAD & Wendy)

These titles are from the excellent sounding shorter tape, containing the last hour of the show.
Right Stuff and Wendy are identical in content. Both are missing a second at the beginning, 26 seconds after Whole Lotta Love, 26 seconds after Heartbreaker, and a few seconds after the final song. Neither have the tape glitch during Immigrant Song on CHAD.
Right Stuff seems to run a little slow. It's music and background noise are a hair louder than the other two.
EV's "bonus disk" introduces a cut after Stairway, removing four seconds. It is also cut after Whole Lotta Love and Heartbreaker, but is missing even a little bit more time than Right Stuff and Wendy. A few more seconds are missed before and after the show.

12-22-72, source 2
Ally Pally Hard Rock Daze: The 1st Daze (Empress Valley), Flawless Performance (IQ, 3cd), Riot House (Wendy), & Riot Show (Cobra, 2cd)

Wendy is the only title solely from the second source. The only fault is the cut/repeat of tape after Dazed and Confused.
IQ and Cobra use the second source (poorer sounding tape) through the end of Heartbreaker. The mellotron solo and Thank You are borrowed from the first source, but it's quality is not near as good as CHAD's. IQ seems to run a little slow. It's music and background noise are a little louder than Cobra's due to amplification, but hasn't been amplified as much as Wendy.
Cobra moved Dazed out of sequence in order to squeeze the tape onto two cds, missing about 15 seconds of tape in the process. A few more seconds are missing from the beginning and ending of the second source.
EV's title is based on the second source but fill's it's gaps with source one. The splice during WLL doesn't miss any of source two. It's sound is slightly less amplified as Wendy's.

Alexandra Palace 1972 2nd Night (no label), Ally Pally Hard Rock Daze: The 2nd Daze (Empress Valley), Disturbance House (Wendy, 2cd), Merry Christmas Mr. Jimmy (Lemon Song, 2cd), & Titanic (IQ, 3cd)

IQ spread the songs over three cds and seems a little slow.
Lemon Song moved Dazed and Confused to squeeze this show on two cds, but it wasn't necessary. It also misses several seconds before the show.
Wendy's title is properly sequenced and fits on two cds. It may have one cut fewer than the other titles but misses several seconds before the show. They've amplified their sound just a bit over the other releases.
EV's title is similar in content to Wendy and is only a little less amplified.
The no label title starts off with the extra tape before the show but has the metallic sound faintly in the background.