Whole Lotta Live

TitlePrimary ShowSecondary ShowCdsMatrix OrderTKO*
10th US Tour2/12/1975 3WLL001/2/3Jumpleg (The)
9th US Tour7/28/1973 3WLL004/5/6Tour-De-Force
End of '6911/6/1969 2WLL007/8Punk!
You Gotta Be Cool8/21/1970 2WLL009/10Tulsa Hillbilly
2nd European Tour5/3/1971 2WLL011/12Loove!
Two Days In Seattle3/17/19753/21/19753WLL013/14/15Hammer of the Gods
Silently Ravaging America6/25/1972 2WLL016/17Route 66
Born To Be Wild6/22/1972 2WLL018/19Route 66
Definative Kingdom8/22/1971 2WLL020/21Walk, Don't Run
7th American Tour8/21/1971 2WLL022/23Walk, Don't Run
Last Day In Mannheim7/3/1980 2WLL024/25Eye Thank Yew (1st 2cds)

*(Tarantura Knock-Off) This European label was dedicated to bringing Tarantura audio at an affordable price.
These jewel cased titles came with double-sided artwork and a fold-out insert. The insert allowed the 2cd titles to be distributed in either a slimline double case or the larger double case.